More sanding, less dust

This past month I made the decision to upgrade our sanding system here at O’Connor’s Removing old paint from home exteriorPainting Service. It was a major investment, but I think a wise one that will help my painting customers and employees. After researching for months and asking all my fellow painting contractors what they recommended, I settled on purchasing a dustless sanding system made by Festool. If you own a house that was built prior to 1978, there is a chance that your exterior paint might be lead-based. Before I purchased the new Festool Hepa dust extracting sanding system, my guys would have to wet sand by hand. Now with the Hepa dust extractor, the dust created by sanding is instantaneously sucked up by the attached vacuum that collects the dust. This system meets EPA Lead Safe guidelines. In areas we can use this new tool, the wood turns out better and our customers and employees are protected. If your looking to get the exterior of your home painted in the future and you are concerned about lead paint removal, know that O’Connor’s Painting Service an EPA Lead Safe Certified company and with our new Festool dustless sanding system, you can’t go wrong.


EPA New Requirement

This past Earth Day, April 22, 2010, renovating an older home became a bit more difficult for contractors. A new federal rule went into affect stating contractors working on almost all homes built before 1978 must be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, contractors need approval to perform work on all child care facilities and school buildings built before 1978. If contractors fail to receive EPA approval, they can face fines of up to $37,500 daily.

The EPA ruling requires the use of lead-safe practices and methods intended to prevent lead poisoning. Under the rule, contractors involved in renovations, repairs and painting projects must be trained and certified in EPA-approved methods of containing and cleaning up work areas.

O’Connor’s Painting Service, INC. became an EPA certified company this past March by participating in an eight hour training course from an EPA-approved training provider. The course focused on lead-safe practices structured around 3 simple procedures:

  1. Contain the work area
  2. Minimize dust
  3. Clean up thoroughly

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Or read the Renovate Right: Important Lead Hazard Information for Families, Child Care Providers, and Schools pamphlet for homeowners to learn what the new law is all about.