Product Review: Sherwin Williams SnapDry Interior/Exterior Acrylic Paint

Often I find, when you paint exterior front doors, it takes 2-4 hours for the paint to dry and several weeks to cure. When you shut the front door after your average paint dries, there is always the fear that the new paint you just applied may release where the door meets vinyl weather stripping.snapdrycan

Last summer, Sherwin Williams introduced a new fast-drying paint called SnapDry. I tried this paint on my own front door and it did dry in close to an 1 hour as advertised.  I also had no problem with paint releasing when it touched the doors’ weather stripping.

Another benefit of this paint is that it’s designed to be resistant to UV rays and weathering. I hope that claim holds true since I get a lot of sun on my front door.

The only issue that I found with SnapDry was that if you went back to areas you painted already that no longer had a wet edge, brush marks would become visible. So it’s extremely important to follow the Sherwin Williams instructions on which areas to paint first on your door especially if you have a paneled door like the one below and not a flat door.


SnapDry is available at Sherwin Williams in quarts and gallons. It comes in a variety of colors and is semi-gloss.


How to Refinish an Exterior Wood Door

As with all wood finishing projects, O’Connor’s Painting follows this 3-step process.

  1. Remove any old finish, such as stain and polyurethane or paint, from the door by applying a paint and poly stripper or sanding. Be sure to clean off any residue, dust or dirt that’s left behind. If you are planning to stain the door before applying a topcoat and the door is made of soft or porous wood, such as pine or maple, you should use a pre-stain conditioner. Allow the conditioner to penetrate for five to 15 minutes, then remove excess with a clean dry cloth. The stain should be applied within two hours of applying the pre-stain conditioner.

  3. Apply the Stain – Minwax recommends using an oil-based stain, such as Minwax Wood Finish in one of 20 wood tones. Apply the stain in the direction of the grain with a brush or clean cloth. If the door has raised panels start in the center working your way to the outer edges of the door. Allow the stain to penetrate five to 15 minutes to achieve the desired color. Remove any excess with clean cloth, wiping in the direction of the grain while blending light and dark areas. To darken the color, apply a second coat after four to six hours, repeat directions from the first coat.

  5. Finish with a Top Coat – Allow the stain to dry completely (a minimum of eight hours) before applying a clear topcoat. Let the first coat dry for four hours, then lightly sand the surface with fine sandpaper (220 grit) to endure an even finish and proper adhesion of additional coats. Be sure to remove all dust prior to applying a second and third coat. After the final coat has been applied, allow 24 hours for the topcoat to cure before use.

If you are staining a fiberglass exterior door. DO NOT SAND if possible because it will hurt the fiberglass door. Use rub-on stain.

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